i would like to review about “BIG IDEAS, TRENDS, AND PREDICTION FOR 2012”. for the title itself, it tells us about what is new in 2012 such as the technology, fashion, business, trends, etc.

in discuss about several topics that could be trends in 2012; such as:

  1. Gesture-recognition technology
  2. No boundaries
  3. Cyberinsurance
  4. Proximity-based social networks.
  5. Public/private partnerships.
  6. Business rollups
  7. Strategic technology consulting
  8. Local and mobile search
  9. Social media for hiring
  10. Outsourcing IT functions
  11. Personalized business software
  12. Increased franchising
  13. Reputation reviews for business services
  14. The deals space will continue to expand
  15. Mobile learning
  16. Expense management of mobile applications
  17. “Bolt-on” acquisitions
  18. Group incentivization
  19. Chinese companies become a force in global markets
  20. Understanding chatter
  21. More ad measurement
  22. Navigate the Web using voice command
  23. Consumer products and technologies
  24. Innovative workspace services
  25. Friction-free mobile-device management
  26. Customized enterprise application stores
  27. Disintegration of channels
  28. Cloud-based documents and information resources
  29. Digital Coupon Book
  30. The small businesses that do not currently have a website will be able to get online

I will review just a few topics that i think is the trens of 2012

Gesture-Recognition Technology this technology about interactive landscape that involves touch and gesture recognition as well as voice input

No Boundaries means we could do anything just by online, we dont have to go to the store no more because in this time all the shop have social media that facilitate consumer and make it easier. No boundaries means that in this time, we could get anything information just by click the link or related website


Cyberinsurance When it comes to data breaches, small businesses are as exposed and, at times, even more exposed than large businessew

Proximity-based Social Networks social network will be such a huge trends in 2012 and the fact is it’s true because i can see through its amenity. everybody could use it, its easy, cheaper, and new. I can see how my friend is just by see their facebook or twitter and in my opinion it makes us know more people. the news itself can spread faster than the previous year

Social Media for Hiring HR department said that they use social media to hiring their employee because its easy and takes no time

Personalized Business Software is going to focus on creating value for your business, connect your customers and suppliers in a network and make it easier for you, not your accountant, to do business. is it amazing? in 2012, for making a business more like a business not as hard as we think before because many company offers us to buy software about business

Increased Franchising The franchise industry, which has been going strong, will see a big uptick in franchises with very low overhead costs and low start-up costs

Local and Mobile Search digital-marketing worlds makes consumer’s world easier. Statistics show that consumers prefer to shop locally within 10 to 20 miles of their home or workplace, and 45 percent do not have a particular business in mind when searching. Many of these searches are conducted with some sort of smartphone. It is imperative that businesses understand the dynamics of local and mobile search to capitalize on these growing consumer trends and habits

Strategic technology consulting will be an innovative service offering that gains traction in 2012. As more and more organizations start grappling with cloud computing models, technology scatter, virtualization, managing remote workers and branch offices

Consumer products and technologies will start to make their way into businesses. Tools and technologies that started as consumer products or look like consumer interfaces will become more popular, as the adoption rates increase when employees need less training to use the tools. This will also provide businesses with a competitive advantage for bringing in and retaining younger talent. 2012 will be the year of consumerization and consumer-friendly business applications

Overall, in 2012 is the time when creative and innovation exist because all the trends that predicted is fresh, easy to use, helpful, attactive, and the important is it prove that people get creative every day to find a new product or a breakthrough. every breakthrough have a positive and negative side, the negative side is it make people just in front of the laptop/computer everyday and seperate theirself in the real world.. but the positive is it make easy all the thing that we want to do, like gathering the information, meet new people, and marketing the products.



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