tinsiders’s tagline is “designs. inspirations. innovation”. like the tagline, tinsiders offers to give the update about fashion, food, design, architecture, gadget, news, and so much more. the post give the reader something that unique, creative, and innovation products. There are some looks for viewing these contents. Ithe we open this page, the view would be Flipcard. Another way to view could be tried are Classic, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide. The post is mostly contain something unique, different, and fresh.   that makes it enjoyable to read.  It is not just an ordinary things to post, because every posting has a measure of good quality, such as a good and fresh or new information, supported with a good resolution of pictures and videos that included in each post.



The home layout itself is enticing and creative, i hope i could make a blog like tinsiders. So, the blog have seven way to look the inside of the post.


in my opinion, the display is ordinary because it only shows the post and the comments’s box



the display is so attactive because when i move the cursor to the related post, it flip and show the post overall like the date when it posted and the title



it looks like a online magazine,  there are pictures and dates added and a bit of description of the articles, and for the more detail, we could click the pictures



Unique way to represent the big pictures, spreading like the puzzle, and each pictures on each puzzle. This fresh design present the square like a box containing box



this view focused on the left side that can contain the list of articles on it and the right side that contain the article that currently viewed. 



It looks have a frame in each photo’s post. It was look simple but attractive enough. The photo will be zoomed in when we drag our pointer to the photo



The articles are arranged by the date added


The overall contents of Trend Insights’ are very creative. Each of the photos has a UNIQUE character and out of the box. But the last update was in 2011 which make the reader couldn’t see the update for this time and i think a good blog should post descriptive article to attract readers.


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