Steve Hardy is the founder of Creative Generalist, this website is a place for curious and creative thinkers who appreciate unique ideas from around the world. Updated regularly and completely random, inspiration drawn from and to the larger of creative community.


In my opinion, creativegeneralist is a blog that conecting ideas, news, and perspective. If we look the content of the website, it introduce the viewers of broad thinkers with another and If that’s of interest to you as well, please click the “People” and we can see the Society of Creative Generalist.


Creative Generalist  is a community resource and forums, the website has articles contributed by the member of the blog and categorized the blog based on stories, health, technology, education, and leisure. We can also see the multimedia by clicking Photos or Videos and people can share the article, and people can also create a paper.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.58.16 PM

Overall, the website is quite interesting but the visualization of the blog is not attractive enugh but the content is is good and useful for the viewers.

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