Hai everyone! I will review about another inspiring website/blog “”. In my opinion, this website is amazing, useful, creative, and playful because this website deliver many lesson and inspiration in unique way, for example by articles and tutorials. Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few. I think that creative is how people can think outside the box and breakthrough, different from others. Creative can also describe as how people begin to think about new innovation that they never thought before. Some research found that enhancing student creativity might offer benefits academically, developmentally, and emotionally. When we were child, teacher is the important role of our (as a student) creativity. They thought us about how to think creative in many ways. In kindergarten, we learned about how to solve problem in a simple game.

Word Games

Games that employ the use of visual thinking are great because they encourage visualization and the use of imagination—two important aspects of thinking creatively


Drawing Games

Certain types of drawing games can help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity


Visual Thinking Games

These games can help children build on existing concepts, knowledge, and ideas, another key aspect of creativity. When we were child, our parents give us a paper with many dots. If we make line from that point then we will see one picture from those dots.


The conclusion is, beside formal education teacher could let students pick up their own ideas for presentation, assignments, projects, and even games itself because it could increasing the creative minds of the children




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