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Hello again!! Hari ini saya akan membuat resume tentang website yang saya baca http://www.creativeopera.com/2009/80-design-blogs/. blog ini memberikan informasi tentang blog-blog yang paling bagus dalam memberikan saran maupun inspirasi bagi para designers. Banyak sekali blog yang dapat dijadikan inspirasi bagi para designer, tetapi hanya beberapa yang memenuhi kualifikasi menurut creative opera tetapi bukan berarti blog yang lainnya tidak mempunyai kelebihan tetapi hanya blog-blog yang disebutkan di sini lebih fokus kepada target market-nya dan tidak terlalu campur aduk.


Creative Opera membagi blog menjadi 10 macam yaitu, All-in-OneInspirationTutorialsWeb Development/CodeFreelanceLogos & TypographyAdvice & DiscussionFreebies & GiveawaysBlogging, andMicro-Blogs/Links.


All in One : These blogs have a little of everything, and are a one-stop-shop for anything and everything design-related.

Inspiration : These blogs are a constant source of inspiration, with showcases and galleries galore

Tutorials : Looking to learn something? These blogs are for you!

Wen Development : These blogs focus on web design and the programming side of design, covering topics like XHTML, CSS, PHP and many more.

Freelance : These blogs are geared toward freelance designers. They are full of helpful advice and resources.

Logos and Typography : These blogs feature logo design posts, and/or focus on typography.

Advice and Discussion : These blogs dig deep with relevant posts, professional advice, thoughtful answers to timely questions, and much user discussion.

Freebies and Giveaway : These blogs are packed with free brushes, icons, patterns and more

Blogging : Blogs about blogging and blog design.

MicroBlogs/Links : These blogs gather and post design-related links from across the web

Take a look at the article at http://www.creativeopera.com/2009/80-design-blogs/ for further reading. Be creative! Be Inspired! Learn to learn more!

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