What is trend? Trend is a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process, or an average or general tendency of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time, represented by a line or curve on graph. but what is trend in fashion? trend in fashion always change, if you want to work in fashion industry you must know what will be a future trend.

today, i review about!! and i just know that this website tell you everything for the upcoming trend in fashion world. is an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London, internationally renowned for its directional trend analysis and forecasts. Clients choose them for their expertise in accurately predicting fashion and lifestyle trends from season to season, and for them ability to help their clients easily see how trends can be translated into their own designs and creations.


I thing this website is amazing, we can log in to be a member and they will update the trend through our email id, they also tell us about upcoming event abour trend such as the upcoming color that will be a trend, or a pattern, etc.


the another good thing about is they have an apps which we can download to our smarphone or tablet. in my opinion, this website is fit to anyone that search for an information about trend in fashion. Good Work!!


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